About WS Audio.

Picture the scene: I’m sitting in front of my keyboard trying to come up with the perfect melody – but nothing’s happening. I had recently been in a studio playing around with some analogue synths; I remember coming up with so many great ideas in the space of a couple of hours – I needed some more of that inspiration! So I began my hunt for an analogue synth, however to my dismay they were all either too expensive or feature limited.

Around the same time I had won some analogue emulation plugins in a competition, however in order to run them you had to have an expensive USB licenser. I remember thinking ‘instead of trying to reproduce the sound in a computer why hasn’t anyone just put the real analogue circuitry inside the USB stick?’ With the tiny component sizes available these days it would certainly be possible.

The USB connectivity would mean you could control it with a plugin; this would remove the need for the expensive and bulky casing and allow it to have the immediacy of a digital plugin. This was the birth of WS Audio Limited and subsequently Trueno, the first analogue synthesiser of its kind.

I hope you will join me on the journey to where the powerful, organic sounds that can only come from real analogue gear are combined with the ease of use and convenience of digital plugins.

Will Shaw,
Founder of WS Audio Limited and designer of Trueno

Email: contact@truenosynth.com

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