Below is a brief showcase of the sort of sounds that Trueno is capable of creating. All demos (apart from the demo track of course) are the raw output, with no external effects used. This is by no means an exhaustive list; Trueno can create pretty much any monophonic analogue sound you can think of and do a lot more besides!

Demo Track

This demo track was created entirely with Trueno, plus a few drum samples and sound effects. It shows just how versatile Trueno can be.

Analogue Oscillator

3 Saws:

Beefy, powerful bass sound using 3 saw oscillators spaced an octave apart.

Noisy Square:

Crisp, modern style lead sound. The pitch is modulated by a fast decaying envelope and the LFO random waveform.


Shows how modulation can be used to create more aggressive lead sounds.

Paraphonic Saws:

Trueno can do more than leads and basslines! Paraphonic mode can be used to play each of the three oscillators as separate notes, allowing you to play chords.

LFO Frequency Automation:

A complex, interesting modular synth style sound created by automating the LFO’s frequency.

Digital Oscillator

Bell Arpeggio:

Hypnotising ’80s style bell sound. Filter used to emulate decay of bell.

Paraphonic Pad:

Ethereal pad sound based around an electric piano waveform. LFO random waveform used on high resonance filter to create movement.



Band pass filter used with key-follow enabled.

Filter Sweep:

This is why we love Trueno’s filter! A powerful sweep created by simply passing a square wave through low-pass filter at almost full resonance.


An overused squelchy bassline sound – need we say more…

Raw Waveforms


Pulse (50%):

Pulse (10%):