Frequently Asked Questions.

Where is Trueno available?

Trueno is currently only available from Amazon UK, DE, FR, ES and IT. We’re working on getting distributors for other territories.

What operating systems is Trueno compatible with?

Trueno works with Windows 8 or above and OS X 10.11 or above. See the system requirements for more info.

Will Trueno work with Windows XP/Vista/7 etc?

Unfortunately we don’t currently have any plans to support earlier operating systems. This would require a major amount of the software to be rewritten to support a small user base that will only shrink as users upgrade to newer systems.

What sort of oscillators does Trueno use?

Trueno uses VCOs (Voltage Controlled Oscillators) as opposed to DCOs (Digitally Controlled Oscillators). The main difference between them is that DCOs use a digital clock to control the period of its waveforms. The period of VCO waveforms is dependent on many things such as temperature and component tolerances; this leads to a very slight pitch drift between oscillators – a major contributor the wonderful thick sound of Trueno’s oscillators.

How does Trueno fit into my DAW workflow?

The recommended workflow is to: add a plugin instance, input a MIDI sequence then record the output using the built in recording function. This can be repeated for as many tracks as you want. The recording function automatically saves and names the recordings in a pre-specified location which can be quickly added to your project. By opening multiple instances of the plugin, you can always go back and change something. All your patch and MIDI data will be retained by your DAW. It’s about the fastest way to get real analogue sounds into your music.

What's the latency like?

Very good! As long as your system meets the minimum requirements and is set up correctly, the latency from Trueno should be indistinguishable from any other digital plugin.

Can I use more than one USB stick with my computer?

At the moment it’s currently not possible to connect to more than one USB stick at a time. While it would be possible in theory, we don’t think enough users would take advantage of this feature to justify the amount of effort required to add it.

Other Questions.

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